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This team exist to...

- lead students in worship weekly.

- lead through songs, prayer, scripture reading and more.

- challenge students to use their talents and mature in them.

- share worship on social media to assist in personal worship weekly.

- work with media team for service organization.

This team exist to...

- greet students, leaders and parents.

- help get students connected to teams and groups.

- assist with communication through social media weekly.

- assist with sharing ministry information.

This team exist to...

- collect prayer requests weekly.

- pray for/with different small groups weekly.

- share prayer requests and praise reports on social media.

- help make prayer an important part of Pursue Student Ministries

- pray sometimes at our student services.

This team exist to...

- set up tables and chairs as needed.

- put out bibles, pens and lesson pages.

- assist with clean up after services.

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Students At Leadership Training (must apply and be accepted in this team)

This team exist to...

- assist Adult Leadership Team.

- assist with creative and new ideas to enhance Pursue Student Ministries

This team exist to...

- run media booth; lighting, sound, cameras, screens and etc.

- take photos every time we gather.

- take video of services, events, gatherings and more.

- assist worship team with practice and services.

- learn AV equipment and think outside the box for our future.

This team exist to...

- assist with weekly snacks and vending (includes sales).

- set-up tables and ice coolers with waters/ice.

- plates, cups, spoons/forks, etc.

- think of snack ideas in budget.

- help cook, bake, mix and make snacks.

This team exist to...

- create creative ways to express visual stories.

- meet weekly to work on short term and long term projects.

- encourage students to join in and express themselves.

- work with leaders to enhance weekly services.

- think outside the box for church-wide opportunities.

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