ace alexander

Student Pastor

Ace enjoys; Jesus Christ, beef jerky and long walks on the beach. Ace has been with First Red Oak since 2007 and loves serving as Student Pastor to the greatest group of 6-12th graders in the world!

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Paul Rogers

11-12 Boys Leader

Paul just loves serving with the greatest youth pastor in the world. He simply can't express just how amazing Ace is. He also wants you to know Ace is awesome and loves to eat beef jerky!

cortni alexander

Girls Ministry Leader

Cortni just loves having the greatest husband in the world. She simply can't express just how amazing her husband is. She also enjoys... wait... she really wants you to know her husband is awesome!

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Stephanie rogers

11-12 Girls Leader

Stephanie enjoys telling all her friends about her amazing husband, Paul. She boast frequently about his devout nurture and impeccable devotion. Steph also likes Dr. Pepper, no-bake cookies and queso!

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